8 tips to extend the life of your tires

Maintain the correct pressure

Pressure is one of the key factors that affects tire wear, even causing irregular wear . Excessive pressure will cause greater wear on the central part of the tire, in addition to reducing the surface of contact with the asphalt and therefore also reducing the grip. The same happens if we have a pressure that is too low, which will cause irregular wear (this time on the outside of the tire) and reduce the contact surface. Most people also use custom alloy rims and wheels, but they must be tightly aligned in order escape any danger

Modify the pressures according to the load

Manufacturers have a nominal pressure measurement that must be maintained for proper tire wear. However, this measure varies a little if the car is very loaded or not.

Typically, we go on a trip and do not check the tire pressures. The manufacturers recommend a pressure with little or no load on the vehicle and another with a load, since if we travel with the car loaded without raising the pressures the result would be similar as if we carry the tires with lack of pressure. In your hands, the tire pressure is adapted to the car’s load level .

Avoid acceleration and sudden braking

Together with the tire pressure, the driving style is one of the main factors that affect the duration of the tires . This type of behavior produces greater wear on the tread by increasing the forces and torsions in the tire, something that in turn also causes an increase in its temperature and subsequent degradation of the rubber. Therefore, if you are one of those who like to burn the wheel and brake at the last minute, your tires will notice.

Avoid strong cornering supports

The way to draw the curves is another important factor in tire wear. If we draw a less forced path when drawing the curves, we will reduce the wear of the tires, especially on the outside of the tread and outer shoulders. This is something that is especially noticeable in places with many roundabouts, and taking them at high speed can cause the wheels on the right side to suffer greater wear on the outside.

Avoid driving at high speed

This behavior is not only illegal if we exceed the marked speed limits, it also causes greater heating of the tire and is usually associated with making stronger cornering supports and also with strong accelerations and braking. The end result will be tire wear earlier than desired .

A well aligned address

A curb or pronounced pothole can cause the direction to lose its correct alignment. If this occurs, the wheels will begin to support poorly, something that will cause the tires to begin to wear irregularly and prematurely . The same happens in the rear axle if there are mismatches or slacks in the suspension.

Beware of bumps and rubs on the tires

Avoiding deep potholes or passing them at low speed can prevent deformations or breakages in the tires. It is also important to be careful with curbs when parking, which can cause irreparable damage to the tire . In addition, it may happen that these damages are imperceptible to the eye and do not appear at the moment, but may manifest themselves over time. This is especially problematic in cars with low profile tires, which can be pinched between the curb and the tire. Checkout www.trims.pk for more tips about how to take care of your car tires.

Be careful with the chains

With the arrival of winter, many are forced to resort to chains to access those areas most affected by snow or ice. If you have to resort to chains, take it easy and be careful . Avoid high speeds if there is not much snow, as it can be very damaging for the tires. In addition, you must ensure that they are well mounted so that they do not cause damage to the tire and worry about disassembling them as soon as possible when you leave the snowy stretch. Buy car wheels if you think wheels have aged and must be replaced.

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