Advantages of Network Marketing Online

The advantages of network marketing online is simple to grasp, it means free targeted traffic. This particular industry for so long has depended on the “old “school” system of speaking to friends and family. Today we have much more viral ways to get the message out of our products, services and opportunities…the Internet.

My hat is off to those who have taken advantage of their network marketing opportunities offline for so long, it is truly amazing to see what many have accomplished. But, many have taken the road of purchasing leads which can be expensive after the “friends and family” prospects dried up. This was costly. So what do we truly need to know, understand and implement to begin internet marketing our opportunity online?

Today the Internet has created many different ways to literally get yourself in front of not just a few people each day, but up to hundreds and even thousands. There are many platforms to choose from, but what you need to know is that you truly only need a few from which to drive traffic with as you can see:

· Article Marketing

· Video Marketing (Very Viral)

· Forums

· Blogs

· Websites

· Direct Sales Pages

With just these few platforms many of us have found massive success online and literally with next to no cost out of pocket. The actual cost of starting to drive traffic online is pocket friendly and gives you the ability to pocket more of the income you earn. Many individuals in the multilevel marketing industry spend on average over $100 dollars a lead! So what do you actually pay for here?

· Domain Name

· Hosting

· Autoresponder System (Aweber, Get Resonse and so on…)

The actual average layout to begin is around $100 – $150 at most. Compared to the cost of the average single lead through the old method I am sure you can see the difference. Many individuals however see the Internet marketing aspect as something that is most likely hard to understand and implement. NOT SO! While many will cringe at the thought of learning such things as search engine optimization, it is actually easy to learn and understand.

The basic things to understand here is that you only need to understand what in particular the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are looking for in your content. This is usually broken down into two major areas: relevancy and popularity. What Google is looking for is good outgoing and incoming links (links to other relevant and popular information online). They also play on a good title, clean URL and keyword density. That is it, there is no more to it.

Creating a website using such platforms as WordPress, Joomla and the host of others is simple to learn and extremely effective when it comes to driving traffic online. From these platforms you can literally tie together links to Forums, Articles, Videos and a many other platforms online. The difference here however, is the fact that this drives SPECIFICALLY TARGETED TRAFFIC period.

The advantages of Network Marketing online is self evident…is is FREE minus the cost of setting up your presence online. Once the knowledge of Internet marketing is learned, generating traffic can be accomplished and fast. The only other part that you will need to learn is to convert that traffic from prospects to customers and or, members.


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