Chiropractors Treat Misalignment of the Spine

All Oxford chiropractors are fully registered practitioners that aim to treat join, ligament, tendon or nerve pain as well as diagnosing the problem. Using their hands they manipulate the spine without the use of drugs or surgery.

Chiropractic treatment was founded back in 1895 and at first the treatment was seen as just a complimentary and alternative therapy, however now it is recognized worldwide by healthcare professionals as a legitimate and beneficial aid to treat spinal conditions.

The Chiropractic theory is based upon the idea that any misalignment of the spine can and will cause health problems, therefore by realigning the spine it’s believed this will cure any related illnesses. A chiropractic treatment will free up stiff joints and lessen nerve irritation, making you feel better.

To begin the treatment the Oxford Chiropractor will ask you health related questions and carry out a thorough physical examination. Using a holistic approach Oxford Chiropractors will ask many questions relating to occupation, diet, current exercise and lifestyle. From this a treatment plan will be devised. They’ll also help to improve posture, giving advice on preventative measured to avoid any recurrence of your illness. They cam suggest activities and exercises that will help strengthen the spinal components, and those to avoid.

Using their hands they will gently manipulate the spine aiming to make minor adjustments to its alignment, all of the techniques carried out are researched. Manipulating the spine sounds like a painful procedure but it is not. Oxford chiropractic treatment has also been used to indicate any existing cancer, arthritic problems and fractures.

In the UK there is around 1,300 licensed Chiropractors, many specialise in sports related injuries. It is possible to self-refer to an Oxford Chiropractor, using search engines on the internet or by using telephone directories, this is a quick and easy way.

The cost is usually between £30 – £80 depending on the Oxford chiropractor and length of treatment. Depending on the condition of your illness you may need 1 treatment or a series of treatments. You will need either 1 treatment or a series of treatments depending on your condition.  are now seen as a valuable aid to conventional medicine. Sufferers may sometimes benefit from having their pain relieved by using techniques that make small adjustments to their spine. After your treatment you will fell great, your back will feel less tight and moving will be easier.

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