Cisco CCNA Cerfication: If You Take The One-Exam or Two-Exam Approach?

Cisco CCNA Certification:

If you choose the one-exam or even the two-exam strategy?

One question I am often asked by CCNA candidates is whether to choose the”one big exam”, or take the two separate exams required by Cisco to achieve the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) examination. The issue comes up because there are two distinct avenues to the CCNA certificate. Nominees may take a single exam, 640-811, or even 2 examinations, 640-821 and 640-811. More info

What is the distinction? The two-exam approach entails tests with various subjects and therefore various preparation methods. 640-821 is your Introduction To Cisco Networking Technologies exam. This class does introduce the candidate to PPP, Frame Relay, and WAN technology, but goes into detail. Emphasis from the Intro class is put on understanding Ethernet behaves different kinds of cable are employed for different functions, and understanding what cable to use in a circumstance that is specific. The candidate must anticipate some queries regarding mathematics but they’ll involve conversions.

The 640-811 test, Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, goes into considerably more detail about WAN technologies. Changing and routing behavior are coated, and the candidate is expected to answer questions regarding math and subnetting. The candidate might also need to show ability to configure switch or a router by means of a simulator. It is generally regarded as the examination Considering that the ICND exam goes into more detail.

The strategy that I advocate to a CCNA candidate is dependent upon their desktop. In the event the candidate has not obtained a certification test before, or is a comparative newcomer to media, I recommend the strategy is taken by them. This permits the candidate to concentrate on the Intro topics, also provides a sense of confidence to them after departure the Intro exam. That confidence flows into the ICND exam.

For people who have media expertise, and are extremely knowledgeable about Ethernet behaviour and cable types, I suggest that the one-exam strategy. This permits the candidate to concentrate on the complex topics they will be visiting from the examination that is single .

Irrespective of the strategy you opt for the path to authentic CCNA achievement stays the same. Get some expertise that is genuine by putting together your own home laboratory or by leasing rack time on the internet. Understand what is going on”under the control”; do not use router controls if you don’t know what they are doing. Add to this a genuine command on binary mathematics, and you are on your way to getting the magical letters”CCNA” on your name!

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