Detect Leaks in Water Transmission & Distribution Systems

Fuel monitoring system uses a variety of sensors and proactively tracks fuel levels. In addition to alerts and notifications, it automatically places orders to replenish it always ensuring enough fuel for at least 3 weeks of disconnecting from the grid as described in the 07:00 update.

Water Management

The ability for garrisons to 4k video downloader crack detect leaks in water transmission and distribution systems is critical to reducing operational costs and to avoiding infrastructure collateral damage. Technologies for smart leak detection includes LTE-enabled Transmission Ultrasonic Sensors and Fire Hydrant Cap Sensors. Using cloud-based leak detection analytics enables immediate remediation and response resulting in maximizing cost savings and minimizing costly repairs.

Another aspect of water management is water quality sampling and detection by IoT devices installed inside pipelines, sinks, and/or washrooms. This technology may be available in the future for Garrisons to detect contaminants in the water supply, thus allowing networked water valves to automatically shutoff affect valves to minimize exposure to garrison personnel.

Structure Monitoring

Traditionally, organizations have relied on visual inspections to assess the state of their structures. Some locations may be remote or difficult to regularly assess and are, therefore, checked infrequently. Monitoring may be manual or visual requiring trained staff. Remote monitoring generally relies on older technology solutions that are bulky and not suited for the long-term.

A solution for smarter infrastructure analysis and monitoring should utilize LTE-enabled, battery-operated devices installed on targeted infrastructure capable of remotely monitoring structural factors. These devices contain crack sensors and tilt sensors and send alerts based on location, condition, and operation.

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