Do Not Let Added Features of a House Wow You into Paying More

Buying a house has many things to look at when you find one you like. You may have found a house that meets your needs, has all the features you want plus some extras. Be careful about the extras.wat kost een dakkapel These extras may result in you over paying for the home. What extras are we talking about?

The extras may add value to the price of a home in the sellers view. It may not in the view of the buyer. How do you put a value on these things? There are no set formulas unfortunately. The house may have a built in pool. Is this worth extra money and add value to the house? It depends. If you would like to have a pool, then it may. If you do not want a pool, then no. In fact, if you have a pool and the buyer does not want a pool, (they are a lot of work) then it may actually lower the value in the buyers eyes. If the house has an extra room that used to be the garage, is it worth more because it has one more room? If the buyer was looking for a house with a garage, they will probably pass on your house. Especially if the price is more because of it. The value to one person is totally different from another persons.

If the house has something that you really like, like a pool, you may end up paying for the pool. Of course, you also may end up with a great pool and a crappy other part of the house. Do not let features cloud you judgment on the price of the house.

If you really want to put a price on something that comes with the house here are some things to consider.

If the house has a pool, how much would it cost to put one in if there actually wasn’t one there. If you don’t want the pool, how much is it going to cost to have it removed or fill it in. Does what was added actually go with the home? If you add 8000.00 worth of carpet and the buyer can’t stand what it looks like, then the buyer will probably deduct what it will cost to have it all ripped up from the price of the home.

In order for something that has been added to the house to actually have value, it needs to fit in with the neighborhood to. If it does not fit in and is not desirable, then it is a deterrent, not a selling feature.

when appraisers value add features of homes, many times they will pull what its worth out of thin air. That would basically be a guess. So if you can, look around the neighborhood for other houses that have added similar things. Check out the comparable houses that have sold. You could even ask the current residence there about their feelings on what was added and if it was actually worth anything.

Do you research. Do not get had by something pushing your button. Resist and investigate. You could end up with the house you want a lower price and still get the add ons.


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