Fresh Or Fake Homemade Wedding Flowers? How To Select And Care For Wedding Flowers At Home

If you want homemade flowers for your wedding but are not too sure how to make or select them, this article will set you off on the right track. Learn how to select and care for wedding flowers at home, then find out how to get the exact instructions that will guide you every step of the way into making your own perfectly fresh bouquets for your wedding.

Maybe you want to make wedding flowers, corsages, bouquets or centerpieces for your sister’s wedding or your best friend’s wedding. Let me show you how you can present flowers that will look perfect throughout the wedding day, even if you make the bouquets days in advance.

How can I make sure that my flowers will still look perfect by the time my event starts?

On the day of your special event, your first goal, when it comes to your wedding or special event flowers, should be to have your flowers be in prime condition, fully opened and fresh for the whole duration of the event This requires special care and handling of the flowers every step of the way: from buying or picking them to arranging them, to packaging and transporting them to the event site. If you have selected artificial flowers for your special event, much less care is necessary however the result are not as stunning.

Is there any special care that I need to keep in mind when selecting and caring for artificial flowers?

When buying artificial flowers, the most important thing you can do is to choose the most realistic looking flowers you can find. In storage, make sure not to squash the flowers; stand them up in buckets or vases or lay them flat. Once you have arranged them into bouquets, corsages or arrangements, you need to package them in a way so as not to squash or harm the flowers in any way. Also, you will want to store them away from bright sunshine to avoid losing the bright colors of your silk flowers. When taking them out of their storage area a few days before your special event, you will need to fluff out your bows and reshape any bent or squashed flowers.

What are the steps that I need to take to make sure that my fresh flowers will be just perfectly opened for my special event?

Here is how and when to select flowers in the right stage to have them be at their prime on your special day:

1) Plan to get your flowers about 2-3 days in advance of your planned flower design day. For example if you are gathering with your bridesmaids on the Thursday night to prepare the flowers for your Saturday wedding, you will want to obtain your flowers on Tuesday. This will give you plenty of time to process your flowers and to make sure that you have everything required for the creation of your special event or wedding flowers.

2) Keep in mind that depending on the flowers chosen, some flowers, like lilies and roses, may need up to one week to open fully. For your special day, the flowers such as hydrangeas and daisies will look the same as when you bought them. I would not trust a sidewalk flower vendor to guarantee you freshness on your special day. Buy from a reliable source of fresh flowers.

3) For best results and the freshest flowers on your special day, process your flowers as soon as you get them.

4) Be careful not to put too many flowers in the same container when you are storing them for curing. Overcrowded vases cause damage to flowers once they open fully. Lilies are especially sensitive to bruising and breakage.

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