Hamsa – Avert The Negative Influence from Your Life

What is Hamsa and its importance?

The Hamsa is a way of seeking protection and avoiding the negative effects of an evil eye. In more general terms, it can also be referred to as the “Hand of God”. It is a talismanic method that protects people. The name “Hamsa” has been derived from a Semitic root which means “five”. This actually signifies all the five fingers of the hand. A few people also relate it to the five Bible books, which is also a Jewish name of the original five books contained in the scriptures of the Old Testament. There are two categories into which Hamsa has been divided: wooden home blessings and metallic home blessings.

The hand is believed to be a strong talisman or charm that averts the negative influence of an evil eye. This is normally worn in the neck or mano de fatima tied in the house somewhere on the wall, or on the doors of businesses or homes. These are also placed in cars, entrances in varied forms of charms, amulet and jewelry.

Different types of Hamsa blessing things

In jewelry, one can also find Hamsa bracelets. There are also necklaces and pendants made of Hamsa that are available. There are also hand-made Hamsa items or ornaments that are available. These are especially popular in Middle East, Israel and Morocco. The use of Hamsa items at home or businesses averts the negative influences and other troubles. It creates a protective shield around the members of the family who use them and make their life full of happiness and contentment. The satisfaction that is derived will ensure a calm and tranquil mind that is at peace with the inner self. The people would thus be motivated to the right path and will be able to choose between right and wrong without getting carried away by the negativities that exist around them. The items of Hamsa provided by lucky charm are multi-color lucky eye bracelets, Kabbalah Cellular Ornament made of silver with names of God, Sterling Silver Hamsa with Opal Stone with Kabbalah phrases for protection, Hand made prayer upon embarking on a journey for protection against the evil eye and many others.

The symbol of Hamsa is also known as the Hamesh hand, and is chiefly considered to be a protective charm by Muslims and Jews. This symbol is identified as Fatima’s Hand by Muslims, who is considered to be Mohammad’s daughter. It is also believed to be symbolizing the five pillars of Islam. On the other hand, for Jews it is Miriam’s hand, from the Bible

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