How To Build Your Perfect Man Cave – Get The Clay Poker Chips

Few things are more important pelangipoker when it comes to the continued sanity of the middle-aged American male than a superior, relaxing, bro-filled “Man Cave.” After all, even Superman had his fortress of Solitude.

There are some obvious essentials, of course. The first one is the television, and the second is the couch. And the inquiry “Which should be bigger?” is a very serious one. When someone asks you how big your plasma, HD, Blu-Ray, 3-D, whatever Television, you should be able to answer simply, yet confidently “BIG!”… and then throw your head back and laugh like a James Bond villain.

As for the couch, well, size matters there as well. What you need to keep in mind is that one of the best features of the Man Cave is that it can easily transform from a Fortress of Solitude to a melting pot of Man Love. Especially with the massive TV you’re going to put down there, it’s important all your beer-drinking, Sports-watching buddies have a place to sit, right?

Folding chairs work can work, but that should only be in an emergency. And these emergencies only occur when your sofa doesn’t have enough space! So make sure that couch is as big… and of course, as comfortable… as possible.

Big love seats are nice, but when you got a bunch of dudes hanging out, you’re typically not going to have two individuals on one seat. So save the space, and get a couch instead.

But the most important thing to remember: This is YOUR man-cave, which means it should be personal to YOU! If you and your buddies love blackjack, throw in a couple blackjack tables. If you and your buddies like pinball, opt in for a couple pinball machines. If you have a unique but perfectly normal obsession with Denise Richards, than hey, by all means, get a couple cardboard cutouts of her and set them up throughout the cave. We recommend the one from when she was in “Wild Things.”

But seriously, the most important thing when putting these finishing touches onto your very own personal Fortress of Solitude is to make every precise detail designed for you. And that means EVERY detail.

A friend of mine had a set of plastic poker chips, but he knew deep-down he wanted a set of clay ones like they have at all the casino poker tables. So he went out and got himself his very own personal set of clay poker chips. Sounds like a tiny difference… but the tiniest difference can surprisingly go a long way. Don’t cheap out on your man cave. Get the clay poker chips.


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