How To Get PMP Certification Guide

PMI is the #1 institute in the world for project management. It has been advocating project management since 1969. If you are looking for credentials in project, program and portfolio management, PMI Institute is the one stop for you. If you are interested in understanding the Agile methodology or the business analysis domain you also can rely on PMI for practice guides and standards on all the above areas. Are you looking for best practices and latest trends in project management? You can find all that at Pass PMPI!

Industries that need Project-oriented roles: Which industry sector are you working in? Manufacturing & Construction, Information Services & Publishing, Finance & Insurance, Management & Professional Service, Utilities or Oil & Gas? If you are working in any of these industries, watch out for a spurt in the project management jobs! Even if you are not in these industries, continue to think about getting PMP certification, so that you can be one step ahead and might also move to these industries. You can read more about PMP jobs.

PMP Certification Salary Hike: You can become PMP certified and get a salary hike, earning more. But how much salary hike can you expect? Did you read the PMI salary survey report? If not, here is the answer to your question. 20% growth! Isn’t a 20% increase in your salary a trigger enough to get to the bottom of getting PMP certiticate? You can read more about PMP salary.

Are you now having a concrete justification for taking up this project? Have you assessed the reasons to go for certification, the benefits that you get? Let’s start to explain major steps of getting PMP certification.

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