I certainly visualise him in a kurta and a sadri

Fashion tips for youth in India and Pakistan…

Don’t be afraid to be an individual. Develop a personal style and nurture it. Most of all, always be true to yourself. Being comfortable with yourself and in what you wear makes all the difference.

Your success mantras…

Be honest with your work. Be true to yourself. Remain grounded.

Values that Pakistan’s culture has taught you…

The shalwar kameez is, for me, a great manifestation of contemporary Pakistani culture. Rather than rejecting our traditional forms of dress, Pakistanis have chosen to constantly evolve and re-imagine their traditional clothing.

Being rooted in traditional values without ossification is a wonderful cultural attribute, and you see it outside fashion too: in family life, in cultural expression and in our music.

Which young Indian politician/Bollywood star would you love to design for? Why?

Sonam Kapoor, because she has the ability and poise to carry off almost every style effortlessly.

As you must be knowing that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi loves to dress up. How would you rate his fashion quotient?

PM Modi does have a very individual style which I like. I notice that he tends to modify traditional wear to suit his personal taste. He always looks comfortable and assured.

If you were to design clothes for him, how would you dress him up?

A lot of the work we produce is custom made so I would like to spend some time to consult with him or generally get some sort of a brief first. I think this is an important part of the design process.

I certainly visualise him in a kurta and a sadri, with touches of the exquisite hand embroidery that we are known for.

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Pakistani fashion designer Faiza Samee will be debuting at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014

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