In truth, In its verbal Battle with World Rugby Torrent

That incensed the SRU. They were desperate in those critical days. As one source close to the story said about the growing fear the Scotland versus Japan tie was going to be cancelled: “They feel they are on the edge of being shafted by World Rugby.” Dodson certainly acted like a worried man.

Sitting on his hands and hoping for the best wasn’t an option for him. While being cognisant of the devastation that was about to be caused by Hagibis he felt, as Scottish Rugby’s chief executive, he needed to campaign to get the game on, somewhere, anywhere. The time and place didn’t matter.

In truth, in its verbal battle with World Rugby, the SRU made some blunders. By allowing the opinion to be formed – through an unnamed spokesman and also through their own QC – that it was threatening legal action and may consider mounting a claim for “substantial compensation” in the event of the game being abandoned, the SRU made it easy for World Rugby to accuse it of greed in the face of impending tragedy.

As the storm approached and the odds of the game going ahead appeared to be reducing, the temperature rose. Brett Gosper, chief executive of World Rugby, issued a letter of warning to the SRU when the report about possible legal action was published. Dodson was told to refrain from such comment, but he doubled down with an interview on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 and then a press conference.

He knew that he was now in breach of the rules and punishment was coming. He was aware World Rugby wanted him to sit down and shut up. When the governing body charged and then found him guilty Dodson would have been the least surprised person in the process, but what exists now is an anger that Scottish Rugby’s behaviour has been put under the microscope while few are doing the same with the World Cup organisers.

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