Job Bidding Sites – The Hidden Advantages

Job Bidding Sites get a lot of bad press for a number of reasons some of which are the poor rates of pay, huge competition and high level service fees. However, these types of websites can also hold many advantages that are often overlooked. Here are a few of the benefits:

1) Extend your Reach to New Markets

By selling your services through a bidding site you can find customers in all parts of the world. This can be particularly useful if you are offering a niche service and have exhausted all local marketing opportunities.

2) Payment Protection

Many of the bidding sites offer a degree of protection when it comes to payment. For example, they may advise you not to start work until the job is financed by a method known as escrow. Most of the existing customers offering work are aware of this system and happy to comply. Some job bidding sites will also automatically release the escrow if the service buyer doesn’t provide any feedback after a certain period following project completion.

3) Internet Presence

If you are registered with a job bidding website you will be included in search engine results. Therefore, you may find that some customers approach you direct after finding your details on a bidding site. Be careful though, as you will not have the protection of the bidding site if your client doesn’t pay.

4) Build your Portfolio

For many small companies offering services, job bidding websites present an excellent opportunity to build your portfolio. You may find that existing skills enable you to find work, but a particular customer could also have a number of other requirements. If he is happy with your work he may ask you to complete other tasks giving you the chance to branch out into new areas.

5) Assess Demand

By looking at the types of projects that are being posted in your industry you will be able to assess current demand. This can be useful for marketing campaigns as you will be able to target them to areas where you know there is work.

6) Enhance your Reputation

Job bidding websites use a feedback system so it is a good way to enhance your reputation. Not only will this get you other jobs through the bidding sites, but many providers also refer to the positive feedback on their own websites as a form of testimonial.

7) Vary your Rate

Don’t think that you have to charge the same on a bidding site as you would normally charge. It may be that you have to reduce your rate on a bidding site because of the competition, but if you would not otherwise have been working, it is still additional income.

8) Get to Know the Competition

Because you are bidding alongside many others this gives you a good opportunity to take a look at the competition. What sort of people are bidding? Which projects are popular amongst bidders? Which providers win projects and why do you think that is? Could it be because of their experience, education, glowing feedback or extensive portfolio? Could you learn anything from them when it comes to marketing your own services?

For those just starting out in business job bidding sites can give you the chance to maintain a steady flow of income when you are between other, job posting site. Although you may not wish to rely solely on these sites for your business income, you can use them alongside any other marketing methods that you may choose to adopt. Another thing to bear in mind is that although many other providers may bid a much lower rate than you, if you have relevant experience, good feedback and an impressive portfolio, there is still a good chance that many employers will select your bid.


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