Network Marketing Online – Piecing The Puzzle Together

When it comes to network marketing online a lot of people get over whelmed with all of the information out there is the industry that they let themselves get bogged down with trying to learn every strategy before actually taking action and when they do finally start taking action they struggle to get the results that they hoped for.

So today I want to piece the network marketing online puzzle together to ensure you start seeing results with with your online efforts, there are four core components for taking your network marketing business online.

1 – You need to have a system in place and essentially what I mean by system is a website that you can start driving traffic to with a sales funnel in place so you can start making up front profits even if people don’t join your primary network marketing business opportunity.

A lot of people get started marketing online but they haven’t got a product or service to sell and they wonder why they aren’t making any money, The local burger shop doesn’t start marketing their business before they even have the store up and running so why would you start marketing online if you don’t have your system in place?

2 – The second piece of the puzzle to network marketing online is you have to learn how to drive enough traffic to grab a sizeable piece of the market place to make a meaningful difference in your business, this idea here is to have your website generating new leads for you to prospect over the phone but you won’t be able to generate enough leads if you aren’t driving enough traffic to your site.

There really are a lot of ways to market your website but the idea is to pick one core tactic maybe two depending on the time you have and your marketing knowledge that you will implement every day until you are getting 100 visitors per day to your site.

3 – The third piece of the network marketing online puzzle is capture your visitors details and this is usually done by having an opt in form on your website, blog, sales pages or capture page that allows your prospects to ask for more information about what you do, if you aren’t capturing your visitors details then you are letting a lot of your business slip right through your finger tips.

4 – The final piece of the network marketing online puzzle is learning how to prospect over the phone but the great thing about following this technique that I have outlined here is that you have people who are already interested in what you have to say instead of the old network marketing business model where you had to hound everyone within three feet of you that really didn’t want to hear about your business opportunity.

A lot of people get online and think that they can hide behind their computer and build a huge down line in their company but the hard truth is that it’s just not likely to happen that way, if you want to build a huge down line at a fast pace you have to learn how to prospect and like I said earlier prospecting over the phone when you have followed this four step process becomes fun because your prospects have requested more information so they are hot prospects.

Let’s recap so you have a clear understanding of what you need to do to start network marketing online with results instead of chasing your tail.

Before you start marketing ensure you have you system set up which is a website and a sales funnel, once you have set up your system your next goal is to have 100 visitors to your site every single day so pick one or two core marketing strategies and start driving traffic to your site, you should have an opt in form on your website so now it is time to test and optimize your opt in rate and you basically do this by measuring how many people visit your site to how many people enter their details into your opt in form.

You want at the very least a 10% conversion rate so learn how to create an desirable offer for your market and play around with it until you are getting a consistent 10 to 25 leads per day.

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