Online disruption is coming on fast to the interior design industry

These experienced clients are drawn to Decorist for the same reasons that inexperienced ones are. It offers a way to access professional design talent without breaking the bank. “It is not uncommon to see a $15,000 room that includes a $150 side table or a chair from Target. Everybody wants value, even if they can afford a very expensive room,” Hansen concludes.

With some 14,000 design firms and 69,222 designers working today bringing in approximately $15 billion in professional billings, the interior design industry must rapidly adjust to the changing preferences and expectations of clients, most especially the next generation that has little to no experience working with a designer. But thanks to greater exposure through HGTV, social media and other design resources, they have a better developed eye for decorating style and design than generations before them.

Online disruption is coming on fast to the interior design industry. Traditional interior designers who’ve come up through the ranks, working their professional practice like designers before them, can no longer operate by the old rule book.

Either they have to elevate themselves to the celebrity ranks where they can command the attention and high prices luxury consumers are willing to spend, or they need to adapt to the new expectations of the next generation customers who comfortably operate in the digital sphere. This next generation also greatly values sophisticated design but are not willing to pay the high ticket of traditional services or to wait the long lead times to fulfill their decorating dreams.   

And even the luxury consumers who’ve used full-service designers in the past are curious about the virtual design model that Decorist offers. “A lot of our Celebrity clients have used a full-service interior designer for their important rooms, like their living room, kitchens or dining room. But now they might want their office or kid’s bedrooms done and they hire us,” Hansen says.

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