PCR 800 Reviews – Roland Edirol PC Midi Controller

An efficient portable MIDI controller, the PCR 800 is the new generation of Edirol, by Roland, MIDI keyboard controller. PCR 800 not only offers more physical controls than before, but optimises intuitive and Controladores MIDI offers innovative controls. This keyboard controller is designed for both musical production and for the musician.

PCR 800 offers:
61 velocity sensitive keys, with after touch to enhance melody,
50 fully assignable controls and editor software,
18 velocity pads,
A unique cross fader function, which should appeal to DJ’s,
Long Throw Sliders,
“Dynamic Mapping” – intelligent assignment of controls,
USB-Bus Powered,
MIDI Merge and
Cakewalk Production Plus Pack including Sonar LE, Project 5 LE and Dimension LE.

The 18 velocity pads are ideal for drums and for triggering sampler phrases, these pads can operate as pads or buttons with an LED indicator to show which mode it is in.

The cross fader function allows for control of two parameters at once and can be used to control synthesizer filters.

The Long Throw Sliders can control eight track faders and one master fader or function as organ drawbars. On PCR 800 the keys on the board have actually been shaped to assist glissando playing and are silent in operation – enhancing the velocity sensitivity function and making the PC 800 comfortable to use.

The Dynamic Mapping function allows the PCR to assign its physical controls to the most important parameters and fifteen user memory locations are provided to store favourite setups, and the control map settings can be manually configured from PCR or included PCR Editor software compatible with Windows or with MAC.

The reality is that virtually all music today intended for public performance has been at least to some extent synthesized, and Edirol has long been a pioneer in bringing the very best of studio function to the portable laptop or note book PC, which when combined with DAW – Digital Audio Work Station software and soft synths, your portable PC can offer the best in music production – together with a keyboard controller to play the softsynth. With the keyboard controller functions of faders and buttons, you can have input into the otherwise computer generated tracks – and generate authentic original music from a portable PC which gives quality output, is simple to manage and which comes at an affordable price


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