Roulette Strategies – 3 Ways to Finally Beat the House!

Globally, roulette is played by more players than any other casino game, bar slots. However, studies have shown that over 98% of players don’t follow any roulette strategy. Barely surprising then, that on average only 1 in 100 roulette players wins consistently over the long term.

Following a sensible and well though out roulette strategy will let you dominate the tables and finally beat the house.

Why are roulette strategies not more widely used? Most people have a strong desire to win. If not they wouldn’t play in the first place. The adrenaline BEST Roulette Strategy rush is what drives players, but it is also what dooms most players to steady losses. Roulette strategies are rarely followed because few work, and those that do require some commitment.

Roulette strategies fall into three main categories:

  1. Roulette computer: This strategy consists of using a small hand-held device to detect the speed of rotation of the wheel, and the location and speed of rotation of the roulette ball. It is generally hidden under a coat and with a palm or calf based device to tap the result to the user. These devices are illegal in most jurisdictions and even where they can be used legally the casino will look very harshly upon anyone trying to use one.
  2. Tampering and equipment changes: Tampering with the roulette wheel was prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s. It required someone on the inside and usually involved increasing some ridges, or placing slippy coating on some positions to deter the ball from settling. Roulette strategies that rely on tampering no longer work. The equipment and casinos are now tamper proof in any casino.
  3. Odds-based roulette system: This type of roulette strategy relies on mathematical odds to determine a progression and bet size, based on previous behaviour of the wheel. Many do not work, but the more reliable, such as the Mayer roulette strategy, can yield excellent results if used properly.

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