Shortcomings Associated With Shared Hosting Plans

Nowadays it is almost impossible to avoid having a website if you want to reach a wide audience for your business or cause. By having a website, it makes it easier to spread any information and it is also easier for interested parties to contact you. However, not everyone who wants to have a website possesses large financial capabilities to host a site. Not many individuals are able to spend as much money as multinational companies on their site, so they usually seek out cheaper web hosting canada vps options such as shared hosting. Shared hosting has been rather popular in the web hosting market among web owners are interested in having a reasonable site hosted for a reasonable fee. Like any other hosting plans available, shared hosting has its own set of shortcomings.

One of the common shortcomings users of shared hosting face is the limited features available for use. Compared to dedicated hosting where users have more freedom and options to the amount of add-on domains they want, shared hosting users face this limitation. As the fees of shared hosting plans are rather low, the amount of resources and freedom given to its users are rather limited. If you are planning to upgrade to better features, you should be prepared to fork out a good amount of money as upgrades could be costly. Therefore, it is important that users find a web host that provide sufficient features so that your site will run smoothly and efficiently.

Aside from its limited features, lack of reliability is another issue associated with shared hosting. As the web host hosts a large number of websites on one server, this means these sites of the same server will be sharing the resources provided by the web host. If the web host decides to overcrowd the server to maximise its profits, you may find your site running very slowly. Also, having to share the server with so many other sites increases your chances of being affected by security issues or blacklisting. If there were spammers on your server and they were to be caught, their IP address (which is the same as your IP address) could be blacklisted. Buggy scripts present in your server could also cause your site to crash. These problems could bring many inconveniences and you could lose visitors if these problems persist constantly.

Finally, you should be prepared to wait in line for technical support if your site ever experiences technical difficulties. Usually, hosting companies will prioritize higher paying clients before serving shared hosting clients. If you are one who places much importance on swift customer service, you may want to think twice before signing up for a shared hosting plan.

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