Thanh An manhole covers suitable for all projects

Whether you are looking for a zinc-plated or cast-iron manhole cover, with a flat or recessed lid, and a sturdy lock, Thanh An Company is able to offer manhole cover, Large variety of standard sizes fit any mounting location or load class you require.

Why should you choose Thanh An manhole cover?

• You will be assured with the reputation of Thanh An
Our galvanized and cast iron services also allow us to provide customized sizes and designs for a wide variety of applications such as urban underground works song thoát nước composite, pumping stations and replacement lids. according to the design.

At Thanh An, we also specialize in the research, development, production and distribution of high quality manhole covers and anti-theft devices for water supply, wastewater and telecommunications networks.
We are always looking for the best solutions that can help our customers save time and money as we are committed to the cap of Thanh An manhole at competitive prices.
All our standard products or custom-designed products meet the specific requirements of our customers, conforming to international production standards.

• Thanh An understands your aspirations

We fully understand that architects want to create inspirational buildings, expand the construction of utility services; Infrastructure management units desiring an underground utilities system should be effectively concealed, easy to maintain, and minimal downtime and cost-effective upgrades.
Thanh An provides manhole covers for drainage systems used in many urban regeneration projects. In addition to the conventional cover, the lid of Thanh An manhole is designed in harmony with the landscape of large urban architecture.

The problem of road improvement and investment in transport infrastructure is affecting the community. As a manufacturer and business unit, we are able to provide large manhole covers, various sizes and suitable loading levels in accordance with the design of the project quickly and delivered. Get at the foot of the building.

Please refer to our latest products including gray cast iron hatch covers, cast iron hatch covers, composite manhole covers.

The cover of Thanh An manhole is an easy and safe solution to access underground utilities.

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