Various Hair Colouring Options

There is a tremendous difference in various hair coloring chemicals on the market today. Understanding the effects of different chemicals on different types of hair is as important as the process itself. The hair color chart that comes with the package is a good aid. Hair dyes come in permanent, semi permanent, and natural semi permanent vegetable dyes. You can also get hair dyes in alternative forms in henna, coffee, and tea rinses, and commercial rinses too.Henna Hair Dye If you are careful with your choice of colors and keep your hair conditioned, you’ll like the results better. Also, if you’re using permanent dye, it may be best to go to a professional hair dresser, as the permanent dye process may damage your hair. The need for professional help is even stronger if you are going from dark to blonde hair.

When you dye your hair, consider your natural hair color first. You complexion and skin tones reflect the natural color of your style, so if you have a drastic change in hair color, you may not look good. Usually, professionals will stay within 2 hair shades either lighter or darker than your natural color, so the contrast with your skin coloring will not be too drastic. Look at the hair color chart for guidance. If you are going for a more dramatic look, and are comfortable with that, then going for an opposite coloring from what you have now will achieve those results.

Permanent hair dyes are the harshest on your hair. They use peroxide and ammonia to strip the color from your hair, and then dyes place the color you chose into your style. This is usually a two step process. The first step is the stripping process, and the second is the coloring process. That is, if it is professionally done. Home products may be done in one step. This is the most effective type of coloring if you are looking for a drastic change. You can touch up the roots as they grow out.

Semi permanent vegetable dye and other semi permanent hair color cannot lighten your style. They do, however, add color and sheen to your hair, making it look youthful and lush. They can also make your hair darker. It gradually washes out, so the roots will not need to be touched up.

Henna is a natural dye extracted from plants. Natural henna dyes have been used for centuries for hair and fabric, and while 100% henna hair dye is now uncommon, most henna hair treatments use at least some henna. The color is permanent, and the natural color of your hair will affect the total outcome. Keep in mind what happens when you mix colors, because that’s what you’ll be doing.

Do you remember the term “blue hair” in reference to elderly people? As your hair turns gray or white, it tends to turn a sometimes nasty yellow. People would put a commercial rinse in their hair to remove the yellow, and it would turn their hair blue. With the limited choices out there, people generally preferred blue to dirty yellow. Commercial rinses have come a long way since then, and you can brighten you hair and extend the life of your dye with a quality rinse.

Finally, hair extensions can lighten or darken the general appearance of your hair. As always, the  on the extensions will show you what color hair looks best with the extension.


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