Wedding Flowers Go Wild

As we really specialise in wedding lists and online gift lists and though we are close to the pulse of the wedding world, we have limited experience in the art of creating wedding flowers and all that paraphernalia. We do, however, see a lot of weddings and we know what we like.

So we are delighted to have spotted a trend for more natural arrangments of wild flowers and these days of course, with wedding flowers, anything goes…

Intensively grown, hot housed, cultivated flowers are being replaced by naturally grown, less perfect flowers that may even have a blemish or two hoa khai truong. They are wild, fresh and often buzzing with scent and will include roses and traditional cottage garden flowers only picked for their beauty on the day.

As a result the flowers don’t last as long as traditionally cultivated flowers. So arrangements, bouquets and button holes do have a fragile, transient feel to them.

The florist may not know what flowers will be available to suit her plans, and she may only have a colour idea and a simple “feel” for the type of wedding arrangements she wants to make. She will have discussed any themes for the day with the wedding couple, but will source all the ingredients for her creation only a day or two before. Picking only what will work on the day and it can be a complete surprise for everyone.

Wild, naturally grown flowers don’t last as long once cut form their source, but when put together in special combinations they create a fresh, instant “flash mob” of flowers, that captures the sense of romance.

These beautiful combinations mirror the gathering of all the special wedding elements that make this occasion unique and memorable: the friends, the family, the clothes, the place and the feast, and of course, the bringing together of two families. Like the flowers, all add up to a short-lived, but wonderful occasion.

Dealing with flowers is a wonderful occupation. Presenting a bride with her bouquet and seeing her reaction must motivate anyone to do it again and again. But working with flowers,you must have the eye of an artist to stand out from the crowd.

These talented florists are artists, they trust their instincts and can use whatever is available to them to great effect. They have intimate knowledge of the flowers, a few florist tricks and passion. They are able to produce something beautiful every time. Button holes, table decorations, bouquets and venue flowers all have to follow the theme.

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