What Is Online Marketing, and Can You Really Get Rich Online?

Learning how to get rich online is a possibility for everyone, as the internet is a level playing field; however, first you need to know, “what is online marketing”…

No need to get intimidated with that word “marketing”, as I’ve seen hundreds of people from all walks of life decide to learn this skill and become successful. But if you’ve just Goggled “what is Internet marketing“, then I suspect your learning curve might be a little longer than some.

Yet, oddly enough, I’ve seen some single Moms, disabled people, and construction workers become more successful in the field online marketing than your so-called college graduates with MBA’s in marketing!

So just to start to answer your question, “what is online marketing”, here are a few key pointers…

First, marketing is different than sales. I was never any good at sales. In fact, I wasn’t any good at even job interviews – as I used to explain what I wasn’t good at more than what I knew how to do! LOL

This is the first key advantage of learning how market online, because it teaches personal development that helps you in life – in whatever you do.

What’s the best way to learn how to market online?

If you’re just first getting your feet wet with this business, I strongly recommend blogging, because it’s cost effective and can really help you with your own personal development as you’re learning “what is online marketing”…

You can begin by doing a little keyword research to find out what people are searching for. This sometimes can surprise you, as some phrases you’d think are popular, such as “internet marketing success” really not so much. But on the other hand, the phrase what is online marketing gets 53 exact match searches daily!

Once you have your phrase that you know will get some attention, simply formulate a blog post such as this article, making sure you have your keyword phrase, (as in this article, “what is online marketing”), in the heading and sub titles…

Just like anything else, the more you do this, the better you’ll get at it. Learning how to market online is a process of learning more about yourself, what your passion is, and how to connect emotionally with your readers.

And can you really learn how to get rich online with online marketing?

That all depends.

If you treat your venture as a business and really decide to commit, learn and stay persistent, it’s not only possible, but there are plenty of lucrative internet business opportunities available once you decide on the right internet marketing plan.

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