When Should You Eat to Lose Weight?

Everyone eats; it’s a fact of life that many of us have to accept. But the question is when to eat? Many people on many different schedules eat at many different times of the day. Many also wonder if it actually matters and the answer may surprise you. What you eat and when you eat it can actually have more of an effect on you then you know.

For starters many people wonder how many calories they should eat with each meal. High amount in the morning to get you going, moderate amount in the afternoon for lunch to keep you going, and finally a low amount for dinner, as all of your going is gone. Basically you want most of your fuel in the morning when you head to work, a boost in the afternoon to keep you sharp and attentive, and finally a light relaxing meal for dinner to help you wind down.

Eating a high calorie meal for dinner can keep you up at night, and give you heartburn. As for what times to eat that’s dependent on your schedule, but the typical nine to fiver will do this. Wake up at 7, eat breakfast at 8, and arrive at work around 9. This extra hour gives your body time to digest and absorb your breakfast giving you the best amount of energy in the morning. You don’t want to go to work as soon as you eat because you will just jump in and try to do everything while you body is trying to digest your meal.

Next comes lunch, this is dependent on a persons, lunch break but typically the best time to eat lunch is around one in the afternoon. This is basically the halfway point between breakfast and supper and it can keep you going till you get home. Remember not to rush here either as this will upset your stomach. Believe me that’s not a good thing to have to deal with for the rest of the day.

Finally after you get home from a hard day of work and make dinner, or sit down to dinner, make sure to take your time and eat slowly. Typically in most household’s dinner is served around seven or eight in the evening. Yeah I know it’s a little different than your home life but this is a generalization. You want to eat something easy during this meal as heavy stuff will sit on your stomach for the rest of the night. That’s not healthy especially if you have work the next day, eating like this can give you heartburn all night and keep you up.

So keep it light in the evening and your stomach will behave till morning. Please keep in mind these are just generalizations for most people and are not meant to be a representation of everyone. Some of us eat random things at random times and we have all sorts of problems, but we eat what we can, when we can, and then we go back to work. For many of us our eating habits are considered strange and unusual.

The question of when to eat for those of us on the night watch shift is a good one. Many of us eat breakfast around four in the afternoon, followed by lunch at eleven, and followed by dinner at three or four am. The same principles apply as for what to eat but sometimes it can be difficult. Since we are on the late shift our internal 먹튀검증커뮤니티 clocks get screwed up and we crave things at odd times. Often we will eat pizza for breakfast and serial for lunch. This isn’t exactly healthy and many of us have health problems from it.

Mainly chronic indigestion, acid reflux, IBS, and insomnia, but on the bright side, we get to be alone in the3 middle of the night. I know we are weird, but deal with it. If it wasn’t for us you wouldn’t have security at your storage yards in the middle of the night. That’s an important job, and not everyone wants to be up in the middle of the night eating pizza, while watching some boring orange metal boxes.

Regardless of what shift a person is on they should eat a specific amount of times during the day. According to scientists you should eat four or five small meals a day. According to your mother you should eat three meals a day and save room for dessert. I ask you, who are you going to listen to? If you answered your mother congratulations she will be overjoyed. If you answered the egghead stay away from the dessert trays in my area, you aren’t welcome.

Jokes aside eating smaller portions in the morning can make you feel lighter, but won’t provide you with the fuel you need for the day. The same is true for supper; if you eat a large portion of food you probably won’t be using that energy. It will just stay there and keep you up at night. So you can either eat smaller portions or build some monument to something out of craft sticks in your basement. Lunch is really hard to go wrong on; if you eat smaller or larger portions it won’t really matter. After all it is the halfway point.

In closing you can determine for yourself when to eat. After all you are an adult, you can make your own decisions without some scientist telling you when and what to eat. However if your mother calls and says she made food for you to eat you better go over and eat it. Otherwise she may not give you any holiday cookies. Remember eat healthy, exercise daily, and enjoy life.

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