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There is a common misnomer, that all blinds, draperies and shutters serve the same purpose which is essentially simply a half truth at best. While you do use them for the key purpose of sun and light management,windows 10 pro key insulation and other functionalities, each type serve a very different design objective and give a varied aesthetic sensation. Hence, if you are trying to achieve a few aesthetic decor objectives with quality yet cheap window blinds, read on for more information.

Choosing between draperies, blinds and shutters to decorate your home can be a real confusion especially when you are doing it the first time. In fact, it all depends on the space which you are decorating, your objective as well as your budget. You need to know that all three types of coverings will give your space a very different look and feel, depending on what you choose.

Your decorating objective will largely determine your choice. You could be trying out to decorate one room at a time, or replacing all coverings in the entire home. While it is easy try out your hand on one room, deciding at onset the type of coverings for the entire home could be a challenge to the less artistically or visually inclined.

The most commonly used coverings are draperies and curtains, and you can always find your very own choice of color, designs to suit your style. They come in a wide assortment of fabrics, water proof made also for maximum sun and light management, varied lengths, sizes to cover all types of windows. The key drawback is maintenance. Draperies and curtains gather dust very easily and there is constant need to wash them. And they do not come in small pieces either, so sometimes, you may need to send them to the heavy duty professional laundromats instead of washing them yourself. That would cost a small fortune every time you go through this routine.

Another form of window coverings are blinds and they are by far the most popular and common type of treatments for in many homes. And they are best at sun, light and insulation management, and makes for easier maintenance than the draperies too. They not only come in a wide variety of colors, designs, sizes, dimensions, different thickness of slats, they are also made from many different types of materials ranging from faux wood, real wood, vinyl, fabrics, synthetic fibers, just to name a few. And yes, of course they are available in a wide range of pricing, from the discounted to the premium branded.

You can easily find them at your local hardware stores, specialty drapery stores or discount window treatment outlets. In fact, if you are looking for quality yet cheap window blinds, look no further than your weekend issue of the local newspapers for weekly discount promotions on blinds. Departmental stores run promotional discount to clear stock, while the discount stores run them on a regular basis as part of their sales strategies. You will surely be able to find one type that appeals to your unique personal style.

Shutters on the other hand are the alternative types of window coverings. They are also the most expensive amongst the three types. That said, they are the most private coverings too as they are the best in blocking out all the sun, light and glare from coming into the home. While being functionally efficient, they are heavy, have a dated look and feel and are the most expensive.

So there you have it, the pros an cons of your draperies, blinds and shutters. You can pick your choice depending on how much maintenance you are willing to put up, the budget you have allocated for the coverings and have fun shopping. Always remember that weekends give the best time for shopping for quality yet cheap window blinds.


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